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Cosmetic 360 tridicosmiq cosmoya cosmétique 3D unidose responsable luxe et naturalité ecoconception

Previewed at Cosmetic 360

Stop by the Carrousel du Louvre to find out more and experience CosmiQ.

Reconnecting luxury and naturalness

Cosmoya offers an innovative cosmetic experience with the exclusive Tridi CosmiQ approach

When luxury meets sustainability.

Ecology is a major concern in our daily lives. Water is becoming a rare commodity. So it's only natural that we now offer waterless cosmetics.

Waterless beauty is a growing trend in the beauty sector. However, luxury brands are struggling to offer environmentally-friendly, natural and original galenic formulations that still meet their standards of elegance and beauty.

TRIDICOSMIQ, born of a reflection on solid cosmetics, proposes a new, responsible and unique approach to reconnect luxury and naturalness, for a more virtuous and responsible cosmetics.


TRIDICOSMIQ was designed to be innovative, offering a new galenic formulation and a new experience.


TRIDICOSMIQ offers the opportunity for a unique, fully personalized experience to take a fresh look at the luxury, clean-label cosmetics of tomorrow.

Our innovative, ready-to-produce technology can be applied to a wide range of biosourced skincare powder formulations.


The object itself becomes cosmetic, clean, effective and beautiful.


Our exclusive patented* formula is the result of over 18 months' collaborative research.

This object, with its flexible design, meets all the requirements of an innovative cleantech.

It consumes less water and energy, making cosmetics more virtuous and responsible, without compromising creativity or innovation.


Tridicosmiq trèfle cosmoya innovation cleantech cosmetic 360 formulation cosmetique cosmoya

To use our personalized clover-shaped cosmetics, pluck a petal from the clover and rehydrate it in the palm of your hand with a few drops of water.

You then have just the right amount of your nomadic, single-dose serum to apply immediately to the face.

Its light, fine texture allows you to add your usual face cream.

100% natural origin according to ISO 16128 standard

COSMOS Natural

100/100 YUKA

Tridi CosmiQ has created a new beauty experience with no limits on creativity and offers :


A minimalist, preservative-free formula with a soft, powdery finish

An easy-to-use, original and responsible galenic formulation

Total customization (formula, design, fragrance, etc.)

A responsible single-dose solution

An innovative cleantech made in France

Presented exclusively at COSMETIC 360

Cosmetic 360 innovation cleantech formulation 3D cosmétique laboratoire cosmoya formulation innovante unidose responsable

Join us on October 18 and 19, 2023 at the Carrousel du Louvres in Paris to discover this new cosmetic and cosmic gesture. We offer you a solution for more virtuous and responsible cosmetics.


TRIDICOSMIQ has set out to be innovative, offering a new galenic form and a new experience.

After a great deal of research and testing, we are able to create an infinite number of skincare products thanks to our power of personalization.

A responsible single-dose product that offers you a COSMIQ experience.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your unique and innovative project.

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