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Laboratoire COSMOYA formulation à façon cosmétique à Bordeaux

The mission of the COSMOYA laboratory is to offer everyone the opportunity to create their own cosmetics. We offer personalized, tailor-made support at every stage of your project, from ingredient suppliers to brand owners, to help you realize your desires and develop a range of products that reflects your image.

From specifications to production, including stability and safety tests and the drafting of Product Information Files, we develop and support you throughout your cosmetics project to create the product that's right for you.



From toxicity and efficacy tests to the drafting of regulatory documents, we carry out the necessary studies to determine the compatibility of your ingredient. In other words, its suitability for use in cosmetic formulas.

We can also develop guidance formulas to highlight your ingredient.



Scientific consulting, reformulation, regulatory services, prototyping, training or advice. 

Each request is treated uniquely, so that we can respond to your needs as effectively as possible, with personalized support.


Gamme solaire cosmoya

Solar formulation

With 10 years' experience advising laboratories all over the world on the creation of their formulas, Marie-odile is an expert in suncare.

Our superpower is to have everything we need to create formulas, but also to evaluate formulas' SPF or sun protection index in vitro in order to optimize developments. With our in-vitro measurement, which is as close as possible to the latest standards in force, we can ensure the SPF of your suncare formulas during formulation.


What can we develop for you?

- Above all, effective formulas!

-As close as possible to market expectations: without controversial filters, very natural.

- Sensorial (non-greasy, non-sticky, no white finish)

- Certified organic

- Cream, milk, spray, stick, solid, ...


Custom development

With its extensive formulation expertise, COSMOYA adapts to your needs to create the cosmetic product that suits you best, with the galenic formulation best suited to your project.


- Body or face care, institute care, active galenics

- Hair care products, specifically for salons and textured hair

- Baby or high-tolerance products

- Anhydrous cosmetics, powders, rehydration products, powder serums

- Hygiene products: shower gel, toothpaste, make-up remover


We can't help you with make-up (but we know great people who can), so ask us.


Marie-Odile HECHT fondatrice de COSMOYA laboratoire de formulation à façon cosmétique


Together, we analyze your brand's image, its scientific orientation, its flagship assets and its marketing positioning.

We validate the feasibility of each project.

We can also help you overcome any technical obstacles.

Don't waste time, come and ask us.

recherche et developpement COSMOYA laboratoire cosmétique créer un produit cosmétique personnalisé


Profondément galénistes, la texture est primordiale dans un produit, sa sensorialité, son usage est travaillé pas à pas.

Les actifs sont ensuite choisis avec le plus grand soin pour refléter votre image de marque. biotechnologiques ou naturels, biologiques ou conventionnels.

Toutes les formules sont crées sur-mesure pour trouver l'association parfaite : texture, actifs, parfum, couleur, packaging.

Nous réalisons également les tests de stabilité et de compatibilité de la formule.

Reglementation cosmétique DIP


European regulation CE1223/2009 is the strictest in the world, and we comply with it in all your formulations.

Thanks to our formulation tools, we can also comply with regulations in other countries.

We create the product information file, the famous DIP, for you and manage the tests.

Finally, we register your formulas for marketing.

industrialisation et production de produits cosmétiques COSMOYA laboratoire


Each project is validated in a factory even before formulation begins, in the feasibility stage.

It's out of the question to look for a factory after having finished the formulation.

We choose the ideal partner to industrialize your product. Depending on product type, texture, volume, price... We ensure the industrial transfer of your formulas and monitor the quality of the first productions.

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