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Skin care products





Taking care of ourselves and others is the very vocation of cosmetics. The creation of skincare products, whether creams, serums, masks, milks, scrubs or other complex protocols, is the very DNA of our expertise.

We've already created bestsellers. Let's create yours together.

To create your range, or your flagship product, your must-have.

With our extensive experience in galenics, each texture is unique, highly natural and sensorial.

In the laboratory, we naturally avoid most controversial ingredients, and will discuss with you any that are essential, in line with your requirements and brief.

Familiar with a wide range of formulation analysis applications, we'll help you sort out what's real from what's not, so you can improve your formulas AND appeal to your target audience.

Natural, COSMOS-certified or more conventional formulas, we meet your expectations to create the product that's right for you. From idea to market launch, through the choice of active ingredients, texture and fragrance, depending on the efficacy and sensoriality you're looking for.

We can develop all kinds of cosmetic products: skin care, hair care or hygiene products, we adapt to your needs by developing the product that suits you best: cream, milk, serum, mask, stick, balm, it's up to you!

Let your project blossom!

At COSMOYA, we start by discussing your specifications together to determine the feasibility of your project. After sourcing the ingredients, we can then begin testing to validate the final formula. We will then analyze various physical and toxicological parameters before transposing it to an industrial level with our partners.

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