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The COSMOYA team

A team of uniquely creative women

In almost three years in business, Marie-odile has surrounded herself with a variety of profiles to help your ideas flourish.

Here are their presentations.


Marie-Odile: full of ideas and energy, she created her laboratory with the aim of never getting bored, because her goal in life is to always do things that inspire her. So far, she seems to be succeeding.


Justine: an apprentice from the start, creative and curious, she orchestrates Cosmoya's formulations as much as its digital communications. Intagram and Linkedin posts are HER! Freshly graduated from a cosmetics master's degree in Montpellier, she agreed to stay with the adventure.


Cindy: a technician for over a year in the laboratory, she met us during her BTS cosmetics defense. With a sunny disposition and a permanent smile, Cindy is the embodiment of optimism. She loves writing work instructions and DIPs as much as formulating pretty textures.


Julie: the latest addition to the team but with a wealth of experience, Julie is our conductor, managing projects from start to finish. A specialist in active ingredients, she's always full of good ideas to complement the beautiful galenics.

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