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Solar products

With its extensive expertise in sun protection, COSMOYA is developing the suncare products of tomorrow.


Sun creams are the most complex active cosmetics to formulate. Sun filters are highly regulated around the world, and in Europe, Annex VI of EC regulation no. 1223/2009 sets out a positive list of filters. In other words, a list of authorized filters that can be used in sunscreen formulations. There are around thirty of them, yet we use far fewer, for a variety of reasons. Remember: there are many restrictions, and regulations are changing fast.

If you've ever heard of endocrine disruptors, CMR, bioaccumulation or the famous "Nano", then you're aware that creating a suncare product that meets tomorrow's expectations is a daily challenge.


At Cosmoya, in addition to expertise and monitoring, we do everything we can in the laboratory to create incredible, sensorial and effective formulas for you.

Depending on your target, we adapt our choice of ingredients: economical formulas, high tolerance, for the whole family, high naturality, COSMOS NATURAL or COSMOS ORGANIQUE certification...

Our in-house research carefully selects each ingredient to ensure the best activity in a sun protection product.


We aim to tick all the boxes: sensoriality, high protection, naturalness, affordability. Our databases enable us to identify the raw materials on the market, so we can target the right ingredients right from the start of your project. As a result, we can quickly propose optimal blends to create your ideal suncare product.

We work on formulas with improved sensory properties: light, highly stable textures with a non-greasy, non-sticky finish, no white streaks. Because to ensure optimal sun protection, you first need to be sure that the cosmetic can be used and reused regularly.

Your ideal cosmetic can take the form of a cream, milk, spray, balm or solid stick, classic or tinted - the choice is yours!


Our superpower when it comes to creating suncare cosmetics is that we carry out in-vitro measurements on our laboratory tests, in full compliance with the latest standards available. These measurements are important to ensure that your product offers the best possible sun protection, and by being equipped in the laboratory, we can speed up our developments to offer you an effective and optimal solution.

This test, in addition to other stability tests such as centrifugation, microscope, oven and crash test, helps to secure your formulas and save time.

Your product is guaranteed to have the desired protection, whether for low SPF8 protection or high protection up to SPF50+.

Any advice for this type of project? Think ahead!

This type of development takes time. Formulation, regulatory testing and, more generally, all the stages involved in developing sun protection products take longer than for conventional skincare products.

So make an appointment with us to discuss your project.

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