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What can we do for you ?

laboratoire cosmoya formulation cosmétique

The Cosmoya laboratory is at your service to allow everyone to create their cosmetic products. We offer you tailor-made support at all stages of your project to achieve cosmetic products that suit you.

Produit de beauté

Scientific Advice

We define together your brand image, science and marketing


Research and development

We create formulas for you that meet your expectations

La recherche et de la rédaction


We manage all tests, complete your registration and certification records


Scale up

We ensure the industrial transfer of your formulas with selected partners

Cosmétiques naturels


Creating a cosmetic formula goes through a number of essential steps to obtain the ideal product.

Scientific and/or Marketing Advice

Let’s define together your need in order to best adjust our collaboration: scientific, marketing, consulting or regulatory? Whatever your need we will offer you the most suitable answer for you

Testing and evaluation

Conduct safety testing with specialized partners.

Patch tests, challenge test... Toxicological analysis of the formula

Bibliography, scientific research

Any scientific project starts with an evaluation of what's already existing to ensure the scientific freedom of your idea, the patents and regulatory limitations but also what are the latest developments of interest in the field of study

Regulation and quality

Drafting of the DIP (Product Information File), declaration and mandatory registrations, certifications if necessary (ex: Cosmos), Drafting of quality specifications and industrial protocol.

Product design

R&D, development of the "recipe", product formulation based on existing formulas or from scratch, submission of tests and adjustments, choice of packaging, stability and compatibility packaging tests

Production and packaging

We accompany you to find the ideal service provider according to your objectives and we ensure the follow-up of the first manufacturing


Here are some examples of formulas that we can realize for you.

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