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Bloom your ideas!

The Cosmoya laboratory is at your service to help you create your own cosmetics.

We create for you and with you, personalized and unique products that meet your requirements. 

From formulation to industrialization, we're with you every step of the way.


Whatever your project, our expertise will provide you with the solution that suits you best.

To create your unique, personalized cosmetics.


Whether it's a cream, a shampoo or a complete range, each product is developed with you in mind.

Prototypes cosmétiques COSMOYA
Laboratoire COSMOYA formulation à façon personnalisation cosmétique valorisation matières premières naturelles écoconception


A unique full service cosmetic Laboratory in Gironde.

The world is changing, and so are we.

With COSMOYA, we want to give everyone the opportunity to create cosmetics that reflect their own image. Our Aquitaine-based laboratory, on a human scale, works closely with its partners to offer original, natural and effective formulas.


With 20 years' experience in the cosmetics industry, both as an ingredient supplier and for a cosmetics brand, Marie-Odile puts her expertise at the service of your projects: face and body care formulas, hygiene product formulas, sun protection formulas and anhydrous galenics. We can adapt to each and every one of your projects.


Our values are based on conscious formulation. We work in harmony with you on galenic formulations that are highly natural according to current standards or COSMOS-certifiable, using upcycled and local raw materials to suit your project and your desires.

Our creativity is at your service to propose original solutions in line with your needs, to create the cosmetics that suit you.


The COSMOYA laboratory is a human-scale structure dedicated to brand owners and cosmetic ingredients. Our expertise enables ingredient suppliers and brand owners to find solutions tailored to their projects.



We carry out characterization studies on your raw materials, so as to be able to draw up regulatory documentation and give you the keys you need to bring them to the cosmetics market. If you want to know more about the physico-chemical behavior of your functional ingredient through comparative studies, or the biological activity of your active ingredient, we can carry out a complete study of your raw material. We also assess its behavior and compatibility in formulation, so that you can market it with guidance frames.



We develop formulas in line with your vision, your universe. We respect your ingredient wishes and can tailor active ingredient proposals to create your ideal product.

We can also develop your cosmetics range with a cocktail of active ingredients tailored to your target and a sensorial galenic formulation in line with your brand image. We formulate all kinds of products: skincare, hygiene, sun protection or hair care products. Together, we can create customized formulas that reflect your image.

We'll help you develop your innovative projects, from idea to market launch.

COSMOYA valorisation ingrédient et formulation pour les marques ou les fournisseurs

At COSMOYA, every formula is tailor-made. We offer NO catalogs, NO white labels.

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