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Cosmetic full service laboratory in Gironde


L'abréviation de cosmétique évidemment.

Ce qui est le coeur de notre savoir-faire et que l'on associe aux mots :

Cosmétique, Dermo-cosmétique, Clean Beauty, Beauté Consciente ou Minimaliste.


Roseau des sables, jonc des dunes.

Cette plante très commune en Nouvelle-Aquitaine et s'accroche aux dunes pour maintenir le sable rassemblé et vibre avec le vent.

Integrated into the heart of the Montesquieu technopole nursery in Martillac, COSMOYA laboratory is a local laboratory, easy to access.

COSMOYA's mission is to offer everyone who does not have any scientific background the possibility of creating their cosmetic products.

We wish to support the carriers of brands as well as the creators of original ingredients.



With many years of expertise in cosmetic formulations of finished products as well as the valorization of innovative ingredients, we have a global vision that allows to create different cosmetics.

In our vision, innovation is more than just inventing a new formula. It means creating synergies by combining materials in optimal recipes. It's thinking about original processes, it's thinking out of the box, it's knowing how to take a step back to find inspiration.

Thus, your mixtures will be unique.

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Consciousness in Cosmoya appears for us at several levels.

We advocate « conscious cosmetics » where product efficiency and skin protection are at the heart of each of our developments.

We are aware of the impact of the cosmetics industry on our planet, therefore we think of cosmetics from a new perspective, more responsible by promoting above all the natural and the authentic textures and raw materials.

Having knowledge about the complexity of the technical aspects related to cosmetic creation, we support and advise you at every scientific, marketing, regulatory and even industrial stage, right up to the market launch of your products.

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"Alone we go faster, together we go further"

This precept perfectly sums up our vision of cosmetics. Cosmoya is first and foremost a human-sized company in a large region.

With Cosmoya, we want to create links: by establishing partnerships with the actors of the sector in New Aquitaine to optimize the developments and by valorizing local resources in our formulas. In this way, we will promote the emergence of direct synergies between Aquitaine technological poles and cosmetic brands.


"Science sans conscience n'est que ruine de l'âme"




I have always considered cosmetics as a space of creation. Mixing, touching, testing all possible textures and colors in order to get to know them and recognize them was one of my favorite pastimes. It was then quite naturally that I turned to scientific studies to do a Masters specialized in Cosmetics.

I have been practicing for 17 years in the laboratories. I had the opportunity to work in large international groups and in SMEs, to study innovative raw materials and to create unique formulas, varied for all types of customers.

Cosmetics is an area that I have always found fascinating. This is one of the rare fields where creativity is as much driven by brands with advances at the forefront of scientific innovation as by consumers' increasingly concerned about the composition of their everyday products.

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